Snow Hank - Yodelling Ranger

  • katalogové číslo: EI 15587
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Snow Hank
-104 tr. compilation- + 47 page book

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Seznam skladeb
1. Cd 1: prisoned cowboy
2. Lonesome blue yodel
3. Blue for old hawaii
4. We met down in the hills of old wyoming
5. My san antonio mama
6. My little swiss maiden
7. Was there ever a pal like you
8. The blue velvet band
9. The hobo's last ride
10. Answer to that silver haired daddy of mine
11. Someday you'll care
12. I'll ride back to lonesome valley
13. Bluer than blue
14. Yodelling back to you
15. There's a picture on pinto's bridle
16. The texas cowboy
17. On the mississippi shore
18. Under hawaiian skies
19. She's a rose from the garden of prayer
20. Wanderin' on
21. Broken wedding ring
22. You didn't have to tell me
23. His message home
24. Answerto the blue velvet band
25. Cd 2: i'll tell the world i love you
26. Polka dot blues
27. The alphabet song
28. Galveston rose
29. Broken dreams
30. Let's pretend
31. The days ar long, i'm weary
32. I traded my saddle for a frifle
33. When that someone you love, doesn't love you
34. The rainbow's end
35. We'll never say goodbye, just say so long
36. I'm sending you red roses
37. Goodnight little buckaroo
38. When my blue moon turns to gold again
39. Dream tide
40. Seal our parting with a kiss
41. You'll regret those words my darling
42. You promised to love me to the end of the wor
43. Just across the bridge of gold
44. There's a pony that's lonely tonight
45. Old moon of kentucky
46. Rose of the rio
47. Lonely and heartsick
48. Cd 3: your last kiss has broken my heart
49. When it's over, i'll be coming back to you
50. Your mother is praying for you
51. Soldier's last letter
52. Riding along, singing a song
53. Don't hang around me anymore
54. Only a rose from my mother's grave
55. Too many tears
56. Your little band of gold
57. Sunny side of the mountain
58. You broke the chain that held our hearts
59. My blue river rose
60. You played love on the strings of my heart
61. How she could yodel
62. Headin' home
63. Dry those tears little girl and don't cry
64. In memory of you dear old pal
65. Can't have you blues
66. Just waiting for you
67. My kalua sweetheart
68. I'll not forget my mother's prayer
69. Darling, i'll always love you
70. Blue ranger
71. Cd 4: just a faded petal from a beautiful
72. My sweet texas bluebonnet queen
73. I'm gonna bid my blues goodlbye
74. Down where the dark waters flow
75. Answer to galvestone rose
76. Brand on my heart
77. No golden tommorrow ahead
78. On that old hawaiian shore with you
79. You've broken my heart
80. Linda lou
81. My mother
82. The drunkard's son
83. Within this broken heart of mine
84. My filipino rose
85. The night stole old sammy morgan's gin
86. My two timin' woman
87. Wasted love
88. Broken hearted
89. Your sad kiss goodbye
90. Somehwere along life's highway
91. Out on the open range
92. Little buddy
93. Journey my baby back home
94. I knew that we'd meet again
95. Within the broken heart of mine-alt
96. My two timin' women-alt.
97. Wasted love-alt.
98. Cd 5: life story, part 1/part 2/marriage and

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