Dyk Paul Van - Music Rescues Me -Ltd-

  • katalogové číslo: N05 TU86020
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Dyk Paul Van
2018 release, the ninth album from the ground-breaking EDM musician. Talking about the background to Music Rescues Me, Paul said: "though it might have been it's seed, this album is not about music bringing one person back from the brink. It's theme reaches beyond that. This is about music's ability to open us up, to stimulate mental imagery, to unlock or bring back memories. It's about it's often hard-to-fathom capacity to support us, to get us through our tougher or more challenging times, as well as soundtracking the good ones, and making them even better. This, to me, goes beyond the mere 'inspirational'. This is something else. That music can 'unlock' us, allow us to access emotions and places our mind might not otherwise go to is nothing less than extraordinary. It's both force and a gift. I feel that's a big part of what keeps it so magical for me - indeed for all of us. So this album is a celebration of this most mysterious, impalpable and wonderful aspects of music's nature".

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Seznam skladeb
1. Amanecer - Paul Van Dyk & Lostly
2. You Are - Paul Van Dyk, Alan Wyse & Sue McLaren
3. Voyager - Paul Van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H.
4. Echoes - Paul Van Dyk & James Cottle
5. Solar Snapshot - Paul Van Dyk & Chris Bekker
6. Music Rescues Me (Feat. Plumb) (PvD Club Mix) - Paul Van Dyk
7. Aurora - Paul Van Dyk & Steve Dekay
8. Future Memories - Paul Van Dyk & Saad Ayub
9. Moments With You - Paul Van Dyk & Rafael Osmo
10. Lost Angels - Paul Van Dyk & Delta One
11. Accelerator - Paul Van Dyk & Jordan Suckley
12. Mission Control - Paul Van Dyk
13. Made of Stars - Paul Van Dyk & Project 8
14. Time Traveler - Paul Van Dyk
15. Reprise - Paul Van Dyk

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