Wynette Tammy - Gold (3CD)

  • katalogové číslo: CRIMCD 669
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Wynette Tammy

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Seznam skladeb
1. Stand By Your Man
2. D.I.V.O.R.C.E
3. My Elusive Dreams [david Houston And Tammy Wynette]
4. Take Me To Your World
5. Apartment #9
6. Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
7. Lonely Street
8. I Don't Wanna Play House
9. There Goes My Everything
10. Singing My Song
11. The Ways To Love A Man
12. Take Me [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
13. We Sure Can Love Each Other
14. Good Lovin' (makes It Right)
15. The Wonders You Perform
16. Till I Get It Right
17. He Loves Me All The Way
18. Run Woman Run
19. I'll See Him Through
20. Bedtime Story
1. Golden Ring [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
2. (we're Not) The Jet Set [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
3. The Ceremony [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
4. Reach Out Your Hand
5. Kids Say The Darndest Things
6. We're Gonna Hold On [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
7. Another Lonely Song
8. Help Me Make It Through The Night
9. Woman To Woman
10. Let's Build A World Together [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
11. Old Fashioned Singing [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
12. Crying Steel Guitar
13. I Still Believe In Fairy Tales
14. No Charge
15. You And Me
16. We Loved It Away [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
17. (you Make Me Want To Be) A Mother
18. 'til I Can Make It On My Own
19. My Man (understands)
20. Near You [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
1. Let's Get Together (one Last Time)
2. One Of A Kind
3. Southern California [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
4. I'd Like To See Jesus (on The Midnight Special)
5. Womanhood
6. Two Story House [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
7. Starting Over
8. A Pair Of Old Sneakers [george Jones & Tammy Wynette]
9. He Was There (when I Needed You)
10. They Call It Making Love
11. Cowboys Don't Shoot Straight (like They Used To)
12. You Still Get To Me In My Dreams
13. Another Chance
14. Crying In The Rain
15. You Can Lead A Heart To Love (but You Can't Make It Fall)
16. Sometimes When We Touch [tammy Wynette With Marc Gray]
17. Talkin' To Myself Again
18. No One Else In The World
19. Beneath A Painted Sky
20. Your Love

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