Allisons - Are You Sure -Bonus Tr-

Allisons Are You Sure -Bonus Tr-
  • katalogové číslo: JASCD 990
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Allisons
• The Allisons were very nearly the UK’s first Eurovision Song Contest winners in 1961, with the self-penned ‘Are You Sure’ (they came second, to Luxembourg).
• The song nonetheless topped the UK charts and went on to become a huge worldwide hit, selling a couple of million copies.
• They subsequently charted with ‘Words’ and ‘Lessons In Love’, while ‘What A Mess’ and ‘I’ll Cross My Fingers’ were popular radio/turntable hits.
• This compilation features everything that the duo recorded for Fontana Records during 1961-62 - six singles and an LP, their entire recorded legacy.
• Apart from the celebrated title track, the bulk of this material is exceptionally rare and this marks the first time that many of these sides have ever appeared on CD, notably the stereo version of the LP, which has never previously been reissued in any format.
• Included as a bonus track is their memorable live performance of ‘Are You Sure’, at the 1961 Eurovision.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Are You Sure
2. There's One Thing More
3. Words
4. Blue Tears
5. What A Mess!
6. Lorraine
7. Lessons In Love
8. Oh, My Love
9. Sweet And Lovely
10. Sugar Love
11. I'll Cross My Fingers
12. You Should Be Sorry
13. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
14. There's One Thing More
15. Darling, Trust In Me
16. Never Be Anyone Else But You
17. Be My Guest
18. Are You Sure
19. Blue Tears
20. From Now On
21. Lightning Express
22. That'll Be The Day
23. Fool's Paradise
24. Be-Bop A-Lula
25. Are You Sure (eurovision Live) (bonus Track)

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