Tubb Ernest - Waltz Across Texas

  • katalogové číslo: FI 15929
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Tubb Ernest
6cd + book

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Seznam skladeb
1. Go to sleep conscience (don't hurt me this time)
2. Danny boy
3. Through that door
4. What kind of god do you think you are
5. Rose city chimes
6. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
7. I never could say no
8. In and out (of every heart in town)
9. Steel guitar rag
10. Redskin rag
11. Old love, new tears
12. Out of my mind
13. The women make a fool out of me
14. Drivin' nails in my coffin
15. Pick me up on your way down
16. Try me one more time
17. Watching my past go by
18. Show her lots of gold
19. Bandera waltz
20. I told you so
21. I loved you once
22. An old faded photograph
23. The last letter
24. Out of my mind
25. Beyond the last mile
26. Just call me lonesome
27. Just partners
28. If you call that gone, goodbye
29. How can i be sure
30. I'll never tell you i love you
31. I think i'll give up (it's all over)
32. I'm as free as the breeze
33. Just call me lonesome
34. House of sorrow
35. No letter today
36. The great speckled bird
37. Family bible
38. He'll understand and say well done
39. Mr.juke box
40. Mr.juke box
41. Walking the floor over you
42. That's all she wrote
43. Just one more
44. Wings of a dove
45. I saw the light
46. Stand by me
47. What a friend we have in jesus
48. When it's prayer meeting time in the hollow
49. Precious memories
50. If we never meet again
51. Lonesome valley
52. Follow me
53. Your side of the story
54. Be better to your baby
55. The way that you're living(is breaking my heart)
56. Your side of the story
57. Beyond the last mile
58. Thanks a lot
59. Lonesome 7-7203
60. San antonio rose
61. Six days on the road
62. Cain's corner
63. Rhodes-bud boogie
64. I'll have another cup of coffee
65. Panhandle rag
66. Texas troubadour stomp
67. I will miss you when you go
68. The last letter
69. 12th street rag
70. Honey love
71. The waltz you saved for me
72. Stop me (if you've heard this one before)
73. Big fool of the year
74. Take a letter, miss gray
75. Think of me, thinking of you
76. The green light
77. There she goes
78. I almost lost my mind
79. Steppin' out
80. Love was right here all the time
81. I'll just call you darlin'
82. Two in the cold
83. Mr. & mrs. used to be
84. Pass the booze
85. (a memory) that's all you'll ever be to me
86. Turn aroudnd walk away
87. Red top
88. Hello world
89. The last goodbye
90. That's when it's coming home to you
91. Oklahoma hills
92. Just a stone's throw away
93. Another bridge to burn
94. Almost to tulsa
95. Highway man
96. Leon's guitar boogie
97. Are you mine
98. Just between the two of us

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