Reidová Taylor Jenkins - Carrie Soto Is Back

  • ISBN: 9781804940877
  • jazyk: angličtina
  • počet stran: 371
  • vazba: brožovaná
  • spisovatel: Reidová Taylor Jenkins
From the bestselling author of MALIBU RISING, DAISY JONES & THE SIX and THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO 'It made me cry twice, and when I finished reading, I had to sit for a minute with the hole it left in my chest . . . just order it' EMILY HENRY 'A crowd-pleaser. Taylor Jenkins Reid captures all the sweat, rivalry and glamour of elite sport' THE TIMES 'Jenkins Reid has written yet another page turner . . . [it] will have you hooked' INDEPENDENT Carrie Soto is the greatest player the world has ever seen. But six years after her last match, she watches a young British tennis player steal her world record - and Carrie knows she has to go back and reclaim her rightful place at the top. Even if the world doesn't believe in her. Even if it almost breaks her. This is a story about the cost of greatness and the burden of fame. The fight for a place in history is about to begin . . . 'It artfully combines the heady glamour of elite sport with questions about what happens when we find ourselves winning professionally, but losing personally' STYLIST 'A portrait of female ambition in all its raw and divine glory, Carrie Soto will stay with you long after the last page is turned' ERIN KELLY

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