Gibson Don - Singer The Songwriter '61-66

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  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Gibson Don
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1. Sweet dreams
2. I think it's best (to forget me)
3. That's how it goes
4. Sea of heartbreak
5. No one will ever know
6. Born to lose
7. Beautiful dreamer
8. Camptown races
9. Fireball mail
10. The last letter
11. White silver sands
12. Driftwood on the river
13. Lonesome road
14. Above & beyond
15. Cute little girls
16. I sat back & let it happen
17. I know the score
18. The same old trouble
19. So how come (no one loves me)
20. Lonesome number one
21. Let's fall out of love (tonight)
22. I let her get lonely
23. I can mend your broken heart
24. For a little while
25. That's how it goes
26. It makes no difference now
27. Settin' the woods on fire
28. Baby, we're really in love
29. I love you so much it hurts
30. It's a sin
31. I'm sorry for you my friend
32. This cold war with you
33. Where is your heart tonight
34. Blue dream
35. How's the world treating you
36. May you never be alone
37. We live in two different worlds
38. Old ship of zion
39. Then i met the master
40. I'd rather have jesus
41. Be ready
42. I can't see myself
43. For old times sake
44. It was worth it all
45. Head over heels in love with you
46. I can't stop loving you
47. (i'd be) a legend in my time
48. Give myself a party
49. Oh lonesome me
50. Don't tell me your troubles
51. Love has come my way
52. Lonesome number one
53. Blue blue days
54. Just one time
55. Oh such a stranger
56. After the heartache
57. Anything new gets old
58. God walks these hills
59. Do you know my jesus
60. Hide me, rock of ages
61. Where else would i want to be?
62. If i can help somebody
63. He's everywhere
64. You don't knock
65. When they ring the golden bells
66. There she goes (let her go)
67. If you knew me
68. If you don't know the sorrow
69. Mixed up love
70. There she goes (let her go)
71. Think of me
72. 'cause i believe in you
73. Then i'll be free
74. (all for the sake of) a love that can't be
75. Waltz of regret
76. When your house is not a home
77. Watch where you're going
78. You're going away
79. Again
80. Too much hurt
81. A born loser
82. A wound time can't erase
83. Around the town
84. I'm crying inside
85. Dark as a dungeon
86. Right away
87. Lovin' lies
88. All the world is lonely now
89. When your house is not a home
90. Worried mind
91. There's a big wheel
92. Take these chains from my heart
93. Singing the blues
94. With your love on my mind
95. Address unknown (& los indios tabajaras)
96. My adobe hacienda (& los indios tabajaras)
97. Lonely street (& los indios tabajaras)
98. Cryin' heart blues (& los indios tabajaras)
99. I can't tell my heart that (& los indios ...)
100. (yes) i'm hurting
101. My whole world is hurt
102. You can't laugh (at a fool)
103. My tomorrows (they don't come easy)
104. Don't you ever get tired (of hurting me)
105. Once a day
106. My friends are gonna be strangers
107. Vaya con dios
108. Just call me lonesome
109. With your love on my mind
110. A stranger to me
111. I can't tell my heart that
112. Maria elena
113. Blues in my mind
114. Making believe
115. Somebody loves you darlin'
116. I'd just be fool enough
117. Lost highway
118. Let's fall out of love
119. I thought i heard you calling my name
120. Don't touch me
121. How do you tell someone
122. Just out of reach
123. When i stop dreaming

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