Cat Power - Jukebox

  • katalogové číslo: OLE 7942
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Cat Power
Second album of cover songs by Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall). Entitled Jukebox, the album features interpretations of songs originally recorded by Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jessie Mae Hemphill and others. Jukebox is produced by Chan's regular collaborator Stuart Sikes and recorded with her touring outfit the Dirty Delta Blues band (consisting of drummer Jim White from the Dirty Three, guitarist Judah Bauer of the Blues Explosion, keyboardist Gregg Foreman who has also worked with the Blues Explosion, and bassist Erik Paparazzi). Guest appearances by Spooner Oldham (Neil Young, Janis Joplin and other luminaries too numerous to mention), Larry McDonald (Toots & the Maytals, Taj Mahal), Teenie Hodges (Al Green, Memphis Rhythm Band), and Matt Sweeney (Chavez). The album also features two Cat Power originals, a brand new track Song for Bobby an a reworking of 1998's Metal Heart.

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Seznam skladeb
1. New York 2:01
2. Ramblin? (Wo)man 3:48
3. Metal Heart 3:54
4. Silver Stallion 2:53
5. Aretha, Sing One For Me 3:13
6. Lost Someone 2:51
7. Lord, Help The Poor & Needy 2:38
8. I Believe In You 4:08
9. Song To Bobby 4:18
10. Don?t Explain 3:51
11. Woman Left Lonely 4:08
12. Blue 4:02
13. Breathless 5:04

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