Story Carl - A Life In Rural Music 1942-1952

   Carl Story and his Ramblin' Mountaineers

Story Carl A Life In Rural Music 1942-1952
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  • interpret: Story Carl
4-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 112-page hardcover book. 134 tracks. Playing time approx. 5 hrs 29 mns.
The last major bluegrass star from the music's early days to be reissued! The first time this music has been reissued since the LP era! Includes many bluegrass classics, and Story's complete recordings from 1947-1959 plus ultra-rare radio and home recordings from 1942! Including 25 previously unissued songs and takes. -- Nearly all of the giants of bluegrass music's early days have all seen their work reissued in full. Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers, and others have all seen anthologies... often multiple anthologies... devoted to their careers. Carl Story has not been so fortunate. Most of his classic early recordings disappeared along with 45s and 78s, and others haven't been heard since the LP era. Yet Carl Story truly was a bluegrass pioneer, and his Ramblin' Mountaineers included Red Rector, Tater Tate, Claude Boone, Bobby Thompson, and Bud and Willie Brewster, all of them heard on this collection. -- Carl Story began his career in the flourishing Knoxville scene and carved out a nich as the Father of Bluegrass Gospel. He made either the first or best recordings of 'Light At The River', 'Family Reunion', 'I've Found A Hiding Place', 'Keep On The Firing Line', 'My Lord Keeps A Record', 'He Will Set Your Fields On Fire', 'Gone Home', 'Angels Rock Me To Sleep' and Hank Williams' 'Are You Walking And Talking For The Lord'. Story's Ramblin' Mountaineers also recorded the version of 'Duelin' Banjos' that became the model for the 1972 hit recording. -- This set includes every recording that Carl Story made for Mercury, Starday, and Columbia together with all of his Starday recordings from 1958 and '59, plus some ultra-rare demos recorded before World War II, proving that Carl Story was at the heart of the music that became bluegrass. -- The 4-CD set also includes a full-length book with Colin Escott's biography of Carl Story and Neil Rosenberg's and Eddie Stubbs' comprehensive discography. -- The last word on one of the first names in bluegrass music!

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Seznam skladeb
1. You're A Prisoner In My Heart
2. I Wanna Be A Railroad Man
3. She's A Two-Timin' Woman
4. Who's That Man
5. I've Found A Hiding Place
6. He's Waiting There
7. Keep On The Firing Line
8. I Heard My Name On The Radio
9. Heaven's My Home
10. I'm Pressing On
11. I'm Gonna Change My Way Of Living
12. The Circle Was Broken
13. I Heard My Mother Weeping
14. Love Is A Game
15. I Watched You Walk Away
16. Women Are Still The Same
17. My Lord Keeps A Record
18. Everytime Somebody Call Your Name
19. Heaven's Inside
20. Tennessee Border
21. You're A Prisoner In My Heart (Bonus Track)
22. He's Waiting There (Bonus Track)
23. Love Is A Game (Bonus Track)
24. Everytime Somebody Call My Name (Bonus Track)
25. Everytime Somebody Call My Name (Bonus Track)
26. Everytime Somebody Call My Name (Bonus Track)
27. Heaven's Inside (Bonus Track)
28. Heaven's Inside (Bonus Track)
29. Tennessee Border (Bonus Track)
30. Tennessee Border (Bonus Track)
31. Tennessee Border (Bonus Track)
1. Will There Be A Traffic Light?
2. When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
3. New Jerusalem Way
4. Why Don't You Haul Off And Get Religion?
5. He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
6. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear
7. No End To Heaven
8. That Day Is Coming Soon
9. Faded Love
10. Four Books In The Bible
11. From The Manger To The Cross
12. I'll Never Go Back
13. The Old Country Preacher
14. If You Don't Love Your Neighbour
15. You'll Find Me There
16. I'm Heaven Bound
17. When The Pearly Gates Swing Open
18. God Saved My Soul
19. God Had A Son In Service
20. Trouble And Trials
21. Mighty Close To Heaven
22. My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out
23. Are You Afraid To Die?
24. Are You Walkin' And Talkin' With The Lord
25. Follow Him
26. I'll Live With God
27. They Have Gone Home
28. Who Will Sing For Me?
29. Angels Rock Me To Sleep
30. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear (Bonus Track)
31. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear (Bonus Track)
32. No End To Heaven (2 false starts and alt. take - Bonus Track)
1. Are You Washed In The Blood
2. Just Over In The Glory Land
3. Where The Soul Never Dies
4. No Drunkard Can Enter Here
5. The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
6. Lord Lead Me On
7. Way Down Deep In My Soul
8. The Land Of Eternal Peace
9. My Lord Keeps A Record
10. Love And Wealth
11. Lonesome Hearted Blues
12. Someone To Lean On
13. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
14. Step It Up And Go
15. Have You Come To Say Goodbye
16. It's A Lonesome Road
17. A Million Years In Glory
18. On The Other Shore
19. I Love The Hymns They Sang
20. Love Me Like You Used To Do
21. What A Line
22. You've Been Tom-Cattin' Around
23. One Little Word
24. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Mourn
25. Reunion In Heaven
26. It Won't Be Long
27. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
28. Echoes From The Burning Bush
29. Waiting For Me
30. By The Hands Of God
31. Mother Is Old
32. Road Of Prayer
33. God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds
34. Gat On Board, Little Children
1. Got A Lot To Tell My Jesus
2. Light At The River
3. Mocking Banjo
4. Banjo On The Mountain
5. Saviour's Love
6. Family Reunion
7. Banjolina
8. Fire On The Banjo
9. Who Will Sing For Me
10. Old Country Baptizing
11. Paul And Silas
12. Angel Band
13. Don't You Love Your Daddy, Too
14. For My Lord
15. Old Gospel Ship
16. Shout And Shine
17. A Beautiful City
18. Set Your House In Order
19. Old Time Religion
20. A Beautiful Life
21. Life Boat
22. I'll Be A Friend
23. This Lonesome Road
24. Hide Me
25. The Circle Was Broken
26. I Heard My Mother Weeping
27. Be Kind To Mother
28. My Lord's Gonna Lead Me Out
29. Suicide Blues (private recording 1942)
30. New San Antonio Rose (private recording 1942)
31. She'll Be Happy In Her Home Sweet Home (private recording 1942)
32. Farm Hour Comedy (private recording 1942)
33. Dear Old Sunny South By The Sea (private recording 1942)
34. Shout Lulu (private recording 1942)
35. Florida Blues (private recording 1942)
36. Great Shining Light (private recording 1942)
37. Great Speckled Bird (private recording 1942)

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