Boyd Eddie - Blues Is Here To Stay

Boyd Eddie Blues Is Here To Stay

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1. I Had To Let Her Go
2. Kilroy Won't Be Back
3. You Got To Leave That Gal
4. Unfair Lovers
5. Rosa Lee Swing
6. Blue Monday Blues
7. Playmate Shuffle
8. Getting My Divorce
9. Why Did She Leave Me
10. Mr. Highway Man
11. Baby What's Wrong With You
12. Eddie's Blues
13. What Makes These Things Happen To Me
14. Chicago Is Just That Way
15. I Can Trust My Baby
16. Down Beat Rhythm
17. Something Good Will Come To Me
18. Why Donat You Be Wise Baby
19. I Gotta Find My Baby
20. I'm Goin' Downtown
21. Five Long Years
22. Bluecoat Man
23. Got Lonesome Here
24. I Got The Blues
25. I Began To Sing The Blues
1. Blues For My Baby
2. Hard Time Getting Started
3. Cool Kind Treatment
4. Rosa Lee Swing
5. 24 Hours
6. Best I Could
7. Third Degree
8. Picture In The Frame
9. Nothing But Trouble
10. Hush Baby Donat You Cry
11. Ratting And Running Around
12. Driftin'
13. Got Me Seein' Double
14. I'm A Prisoner
15. What's The Matter Baby
16. Life Gets To Be A Burden
17. Just A Fool
18. Treat Her Right
19. Come On Home
20. I'm Comin' Home
21. Thank You Baby
22. Blue Monday Blues
23. The Blues Is Here To Stay
24. Come Home
25. You Got To Reap What You Sow
26. All The Way
27. Where You Belong

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