Burton Gary - New Vibe Man In Town -Hq-

  • katalogové číslo: JWRLP 4562
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Burton Gary
While Gary Burton would become one of the preeminent jazz vibraphonists, his career was just getting started at the time this album (his debut LP as a leader) was made, Burton was just 18! But make no mistake, these recordings prove that the vibraphonist had already accomplished the most difficult task for any jazz musician the attainment of a wholly individual voice. While he cited Milt Jackson as his favorite vibraphonist at this stage of his career, Burton never sought to imitate him, and his style is considerably different from the already established giants of the instrument: Lionel Hampton, Red Norvo and Milt Jackson. Even at such an early age, Burton displays his remarkable four-mallet technique on these recordings. The technique allows Burton to fully express his modern harmonic sense and frequently results in the vibraphonist sounding like two or three players at once. His ability for ceaseless melodic invention is also plainly evident throughout these recordings as is his strong sense of swing and advanced rhythmic concept.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Joy Spring
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Like Someone In Love
4. Minor Blues
5. Three-Four, The Blues
1. Our Waltz
2. So Many Things
3. Sir John
4. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
5. All The Things You Are

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