Mercury Freddie - Messenger Of The Gods: The Singles

Freddie Mercury was a man of many talents and many different sides. The songs he wrote for and with Queen filled stadiums around the globe and have rightly gone down in history, but he also embarked on a solo career that took him from the clubs of Munich and New York to the great opera houses of the world. ‘Freddie Mercury: Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles’ is released as a 2CD set, as well as digitally.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Living On My Own
2. The Great Pretender
3. In My Defence
4. Love Kills
5. Barcelona
6. Made In Heaven
7. Time
8. Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
9. I Was Born To Love You
10. The Golden Boy
11. I Can Hear Music
12. How Can I Go On
13. Living On My Own (radio Mix)
1. Goin' Back
2. Let's Turn It On
3. My Love Is Dangerous
4. She Blows Hot And Cold
5. Living On My Own (album Mix)
6. Stop All The Fighting
7. Time (instrumental)
8. S Vocal)
9. S Vocal)
10. The Fallen Priest
11. Overture Piccante
12. Love Kills (wolf Euro Mix)

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