Burdon Eric & The Animals - Twain Shall Meet

Out of print in the U.S. The Twain Shall Meet is the second album by Eric Burdon & the Animals. The record includes "Sky Pilot", an anti-war song of the Vietnam War era which is by far the staple of the album. This tune became hugely popular with and still holds a special place for soldiers who experienced Vietnam first hand. "We Love You Lil" opens with a clever play on the old popular tune "Lili Marlene" that leads to an extended guitar jam and ethereal backing that rather recalls the early work of Focus, among other progressive rock acts. The truly psychedelic and iconic "All Is One" nicely wraps up the original album and conveys Eric's peace-and-brotherhood mood during this stage of his career - and life.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Monterey
2. Just the Thought
3. Closer to the Truth
4. No Self Pity
5. Orange and Red Beams
6. Sky Pilot
7. We Love You Lil
8. All Is One

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