Cole Nat King - Sings For Two In Love / Ballads Of The Day

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Nat 'King' Cole "Sings for Two in Love" was Cole's first album made specifically for the new 12" LP format. Like Frank Sinatra, with whom he shared a record company (Capitol) and a conductor (Nelson Riddle) , Cole made a thematic album with "Sings for Two in Love", in this case a set of 12 romantic ballads. It's another album that examples the lengthy musical partnership between the singer Nat 'King' Cole and his most frequent musical facilitator Nelson Riddle. "Ballads of the Day" could have been called something like "Nat King Cole's Greatest Hits, 1953-1955," since it is actually a compilation assembled from recent single releases.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Love Is Here To Stay
2. A Handful Of Stars
3. This Can't Be Love
4. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
5. Autumn Leaves
6. Let's Fall In Love
7. There Goes My Heart
8. Dinner For One Please, James
9. Almost Like Being In Love
10. Tenderly
11. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
12. There Will Never Be Another You
13. A Blossom Fell
14. Unbelievable
15. Blue Gardenia
16. Angel Eyes
17. It Happens To Be Me
18. Smile
19. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
20. Alone Too Long
21. My One Sin (In Life)
22. Return To Paradise
23. If Love Is Good To Me
24. The Sand And The Sea

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