Presley Elvis - Where No One Stands Alone

Where No One Stands Alone celebrates the power and passion of Elvis Presley’s gospel recordings. Produced by Joel Weinshanker, Lisa Marie Presley and Andy Childs, Where No One Stands Alone introduces newly-recorded instrumentation, rare alternate vocals from Elvis, and backing vocal contributions from music legends who'd performed on-stage and/or in-the-studio with Elvis such as, Darlene Love; Cissy Houston; Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray of The Imperials; and Bill Baize, Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner and Larry Strickland of The Stamps Quartet.

The album also includes a reimagined duet with Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, on the album’s title track and spiritual touchstone.

"This was his favorite genre – no question about it," says Lisa Marie in her album notes. "He seemed to be at his most passionate, and at peace while singing gospel. He would truly come alive – whether he was singing just for himself and me at home, or on stage in front of thousands of fans."

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Seznam skladeb
1. 1: I've Got Confidence
2. 2: Where No One Stands Alone (with Lisa Marie Presley)
3. 3: Saved
4. 4: Crying In The Chapel
5. 5: So High
6. 6: Stand By Me
7. 7: Bosom Of Abraham
8. 8: How Great Thou Art
9. 9: I, John
10. 10: You ll Never Walk Alone
11. 11: He Touched Me
12. 12: In The Garden
13. 13: He Is My Everything
14. 14: Amazing Grace

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