Burning Rain - Face The Music

Burning Rain is a hard rock band established in 1998 by guitarist extraordinare Doug Aldrich and vocalist Keith St. John. After meeting through mutual friends, the two commenced work on what would eventually become their self-titled debut album. The 1999 record established Burning Rain as a hungry yet seasoned group of musicians. Although the album was limited in its release, it did receive rave reviews from fans and critics alike for their take on heavy, blues-y hard rock. The following year, Burning Rain released the follow up, "Pleasure To Burn" which showed a matured Aldrich-St John collaboration that gained even higher praise than the first album. In 2001, Aldrich joined DIO and later departed in 2003 as he was approached by David Coverdale to join a newly reformed Whitesnake, while St. John joined forces with guitar legend Ronnie Montrose. While still in Whitesnake, Aldrich started working on new Burning Rain music, which saw the light of day in 2013 as the album "Epic Obsession". Their third release was again met with enthusiams from fans and critics alike. Aldrich would later leave Whitesnake and join The Dead Daisies and Revolution Saints, which left Burning Rain on an extended hiatus. Now, finally a new album is ready for release! "Face the Music" is a blues driven hard rock record which is truly a tour-de-force. With a renewed lineup featuring the amazing Blas Elias (Slaughter) on drums and bassist Brad Lang (Y&T), the album evokes the sound of the classic 70's hard rock scene, but also stays true to the Burning Rain sound. One thing is for certain, Burning Rain has made the wait for new music well worth it.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Revolution
2. Lorelei
3. Nasty Hustle
4. Midnight Train
5. Shelter
6. Face The Music
7. Beautiful Road
8. Hit And Run
9. If It's Love
10. Hideaway
11. Since I'm Loving You

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