Morrison Van - Three Chords And The Truth (Colored 2LP)

Morrison Van Three Chords And The Truth (Colored 2LP)
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Van Morrison is releasing his 41st album called ‘Three Chords and The Truth’ on the 25th of October. The
album consists of fourteen new original compositions that effortlessly encapsulate the Van Morrison sound
and showcase his talents as one of our generation’s most celebrated songwriters. This album is further
proof that Van Morrison is one of the greatest recording artists of all time and a creative force to be
reckoned with. ‘Three Chords and The Truth’ will be released on the 25th of October on CD and 2LP.

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Seznam skladeb
1. March Winds In February
2. Fame Will Eat The Soul
3. Dark Night Of The Soul
4. In Search Of Grace
5. Nobody In Charge
6. You Don't Understand
7. Read Between The Lines
1. Does Love Conquer All?
2. Early Days
3. If We Wait For Mountains
4. Up On Broadway
5. Three Chords And The Truth
6. Bags Under My Eyes
7. Days Gone By

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