Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos

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Marilyn Manson announces the release of his eleventh studio album WE ARE CHAOS out September 11 Co-produced by Manson and GRAMMY® Award winner Shooter Jennings [Brandi Carlile, Tanya Tucker], the ten-track opus was written, recorded, and finished before a pandemic blanketed us all. Manson teamed up with director/illustrator Matt Mahurin for the accompanying video.

“This concept album is the mirror Shooter and I built for the listener - it’s the one we won’t stare into. There are so many rooms, closets, safes and drawers. But in the soul or your museum of memories, the worst are always the mirrors. Shards and slivers of ghosts haunted my hands when I wrote most of these lyrics."

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Seznam skladeb
1. Red Black And Blue
2. We Are Chaos
3. Don't Chase The Dead
4. Paint You With My Love
5. Half-way & One Step Forward
6. Infinite Darkness
7. Perfume
8. Keep My Head Together
9. Solve Coagula
10. Broken Needle

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