Head East - Live On Stage

Head East, the hard rockers from East Central Illinois, United States, were best known for their AOR hit "Never Been Any Reason". Recorded with all five original band members. ‘Live On Stage’ is a typical seventies live album on par with live REO Speedwagon, Foghat or Grand Funk Raillroad. Though this doesn't contain the full live set featured originally on 1979's "Head East Live!" double LP, the sound quality is fantastic. "Take A Hand" by Rick Springfield and Lennon and McCartney’s "It’s For You" won't be found on any studio album. They are both great tracks. The final song of the album, one of their last chart singles, is from the former Argent singer Russ Ballard called "Since You Been Gone."

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Seznam skladeb
1. Never Been Any Reason
2. Take a Hand
3. When I Get Ready
4. Love Me Tonight
5. I'm Feelin' Fine
6. Gettin' Lucky
7. It's For You
8. Man I Wanna Be
9. Get Up & Enjoy Yourself
10. Since You Been Gone

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