Who (Various) - Many Faces Of The Who

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  • interpret: Who (Various)
Disc One: The Many Faces Of The Who And The Originals
Disc Two: Petra Haden Sings The Who Sell Out
Disc Three: The Songs

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Seznam skladeb
1. John Entwistle: Heaven And Hell
2. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown: Come And Buy
3. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates: Shakin' All Over
4. Mose Allison: Young Man's Blues
5. Eddie Cochran: Summertime Blues
6. Benny Spellman: Fortune Teller
7. James Brown: I Don't Mind
8. John Entwistle: Whiskey Man
9. Sonny Boy Williamson: Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
10. Bo Diddley: I'm A Man
11. James Brown: Please, Please, Please
12. John Entwistle: My Wife
13. Toyah featuring Simon Townshend: Another Way
14. Mike Batt featuring Roger Daltrey: Children Of The Sky
15. Petra Haden: Armenia City In The Sky
16. Petra Haden: Heinz Baked Beans
17. Petra Haden: Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands
18. Petra Haden: Odorono
19. Petra Haden: Tattoo
20. Petra Haden: Our Love Was
21. Petra Haden: I Can See For Miles
22. Petra Haden: I Can't Reach You
23. Petra Haden: Medac
24. Petra Haden: Relax
25. Petra Haden: Silas Stingy
26. Petra Haden: Sunrise
27. Petra Haden: Rael
28. Petra Haden: Track Records
29. Yvonne Elliman: I Can't Explain
30. Ocean Colour Scene: Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
31. The Young Mods: My Generation
32. The Brilliant Corners: The Good's Gone
33. The Glitter Band: The Kids Are Alright
34. Hyperhead: I Can See For Miles
35. Poison Idea: Doctor, Doctor
36. The Glitter Band: Substitute
37. The Scooters: Magic Bus
38. Brighton Cats: Pinball Wizard
39. The Quick Ones: I'm Free
40. The Dirty Jobs: We're Not Gonna Take It
41. Cast: The Seeker
42. Buck Pets: Bargain

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