Arthur Charline - Welcome To The Club

Arthur Charline Welcome To The Club
  • katalogové číslo: AH 16279
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Arthur Charline

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Seznam skladeb
1. Burn that candle
2. Just look, don't touch, he's mine
3. I love him better than you do
4. How many would there be
5. What about tomorrow
6. Welcome to the club
7. I'm having a party all by myself
8. Honey bun
9. Looking at the moon and wishing on a star
10. He fiddle while i burned
11. I heard about you
12. Leave my man alone
13. Flash your diamonds
14. I was strong
15. Too long, too many times
16. (i'm in love with) someone's used to be
17. Waltzing
18. The good and the bad
19. Heartbreak ahead
20. Soft hearted gal
21. For old times' sake
22. Later on
23. Double-crossed my love
24. Kiss the baby goodnight
25. Anything can happen
26. I kept it a secret
27. Please darlin' please
28. Hello baby
29. Cryin' alone
30. I've got the boogie blues
31. Is love a game
32. Dreaming of you

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