Desmond Paul - Complete RCA Albums Collection (6CD)

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  • interpret: Desmond Paul
As the featured alto saxophonist in the Dave Brubeck quartet, Paul Desmond was a central figure in the most commercially successful jazz ensemble of the time. As the sole horn in the group he attracted considerable critical and public acclaim for his supremely lyrical, sublimely melodic playing. But even a beloved sideman has to step into the full glare of the spotlight at times. The 1961 ‘Desmond Blue’ matched the saxophonist with a string orchestra and outstanding arrangements by Bob Prince for a set of exquisitely rendered classics including a memorable “My Funny Valentine”. Five of the six albums feature melodic guitar giant Jim Hall, his ideal musical partner. Paul Desmond was a master at Bossa Nova, heard here on both the ‘Bossa Antigua’ and ‘Take Ten’ albums.

CD1: Desmond Blue
CD2: Take Ten
CD3: Bossa Antigua
CD4: Glad To Be Unhappy
CD5: Easy Living
CD6: Two Of A Mind

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Seznam skladeb
1. My Funny Valentine
2. Desmond Blue
3. Then I'll Be Tired Of You
4. I've Got You Under My Skin
5. Late Lament
6. I Should Care
7. Like Someone In Love
8. Ill Wind
9. Body And Soul
10. Advise And Consent
11. Autumn Leaves
12. Imagination
13. Autumn Leaves (Alternate Take)
14. Autumn Leaves (Alternate Take)
15. Imagination (Alternate Take)
16. Advise And Consent (Alternate Take)
17. Take Ten
18. El Prince
19. Alone Together
20. Embarcadero
21. The Theme From Black Orpheus (Manha de Carnaval)
22. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
23. Samba De Orfeo
24. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
25. Out Of Nowhere
26. Embarcadero (Alternate Version)
27. El Prince (Alternate Take)
28. Bossa Antigua
29. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
30. O Gato
31. Samba Cantina
32. Curaçao Doloroso
33. A Ship Without A Sail
34. Alianca
35. The Girl From East 9th Street
36. The Night Has A Thousands Eyes (Alternate Version)
37. Samba Cepeda
38. O Gato (Alternate Version)
39. Glad To Be Unhappy
40. Poor Butterfly
41. A Stranger In Town
42. A Taste Of Honey
43. Any Other Time
44. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
45. Angel Eyes
46. By The River St. Marie
47. All Across The City
48. All Through The Night
49. When Joanna Loved Me
50. That Old Feeling
51. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
52. Here's That Rainy Day
53. Easy Living
54. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
55. Bewitched
56. Blues For Fun
57. Rude Old Man
58. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Alternate Version)
59. Bewitched (Alternate Take)
60. All The Things You Are
61. Stardust
62. Two Of A Mind
63. Blight Of The Fumble Bee
64. The Way You Look Tonight
65. Out Of Nowhere
66. Easy Living
67. All The Things You Are (Alternate Take)
68. The Way You Look Tonight (Alternate Take)
69. Untitled Blues Waltz
70. Untitled Blues Waltz

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