Obituary - Dying Of Everything

"Propelled by the inhuman vocals of John Tardy, the obscenely brutal guitar tone of Trevor Peres and rhythmic brilliance of drummer Donald Tardy, Obituary redefined heaviness throughout the 1990s. From undisputed classics Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death, through an unexpected hiatus to their current creative renaissance, Obituary have pioneered, defined and expanded extreme metal, becoming one of the underground’s most recognized and respected acts." - Decibel Magazine

The legendary Death Metal icons OBITUARY return with their highly anticipated new album, Dying of Everything.

Dying Of Everything destroys in the time-honored tradition of early OBITUARY classics Slowly We Rot and Cause of Death while maintaining the killer studio sound that the band has been perfecting in their own studio since 2007’s monstrous Xecutioner’s Return.

You can hear the results on lead single “The Wrong Time” which boasts a slamming mid-tempo groove. Meanwhile, the title track boasts punishing riffs and songwriting by Ken Andrews. The album’s third single, “My Will To Live,” is a total skull-crusher. Track after track, OBITUARY solidify their legacy as a Death Metal institution, churning out some of the heaviest riffs in their career.

Like just about every album in OBITUARY’s vast catalog, Dying Of Everything is instantly memorable; it’s a skill that OBITUARY have only improved upon over the years. It’s unusual for a band that’s been around since the ’80s to be doing some of their best work in the 2020s, but that’s exactly what OBITUARY have accomplished through their do-it-yourself attitude and relentless touring on a worldwide level. “I think it comes down to passion,” vocalist John Tardy offers. “I say this all the time, but if something’s not fun, I’m not gonna do it. And we’re having more fun than ever.”

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Seznam skladeb
1. Barely Alive 3:33
2. The Wrong Time 4:25
3. Without A Concience 4:28
4. War 4:26
5. Dying Of Everything 4:44
6. My Will To Live 5:20
7. By The Dawn
8. Weaponize The Hate 4:00
9. Torn Apart 3:37
10. Be Warned 5:49

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