Waltari - So Fine

  • katalogové číslo: MOCCD 14427
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Waltari
Waltari as a band has their roots in punk. They then proverbially “crossed” over into a more thrash metal type sound. The opening track “The Beginning Song” starts as a raging bit of death metal and turns delightfully into a rocking alternative thrash song for the ages. It’s just an energetic and catchy tune. The tone of the guitars is a mix of a very heavy sound and some clean sounds. “So Fine!” is one of Waltari’s most diverse album, not two songs have exactly the same genre influences. The cover from The Cure “A Forest” is filled with the “nordic” register of lead guitar sounds and includes some cool production tricks making it sound vastly heavier than the original. The title track is one of the bands most well-known songs. It is one of their first to feature a big EDM influence and their first collaboration with Angelit which is a Finnish yodeling folk group. Speaking of the production, it is perfect. Let the music do the talking. What’s most important: The crazy Finns are here for everyone’s joy.

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Seznam skladeb
1. The Beginning Song
2. Mad Boy
3. So Fine
4. A Forest
5. 4s
6. Celtic Funk
7. (Your) Nature Is Wild
8. To Give
9. Piggy In The Middle
10. Freddie Laker
11. Autumn
12. Rhythm Is A Cancer
13. Misty Man
14. Mysterious

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