Todd Dick - Orchids For Remembrance

52 trks, over 2 hours playing time

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1. Ride, tenderfoot, ride
2. You're the only star (in my blue heaven)
3. Are you in the mood for mischief?
4. Medley: school days/i can't tell you why i
5. Love you, but i do/sunbonnet sue
6. Medley: by the light of the silvery moon/
7. Goodbye, little girl, goodbye
8. I get along without you very well
9. Little lad
10. I'm building a sailboat of dreams
11. Mary's a grand old name
12. You've got me crying again
13. Somebody nobody knows
14. Why begin again?
15. A home in the clouds
16. I paid for the lie that i told you
17. Guess i'll go back home this summer
18. Moonlight serenade
19. A table in a corner
20. Time on my hands
21. Manhattan
22. Old mill wheel
23. One morning in may
24. It's a hundred to one i'm in love
25. Sweet dreams, sweetheart
26. Angel in disguise
27. The gaucho serenade
28. Saddle your dreams
29. The singing hills
30. Tiny old town
31. I'll be seeing you
32. Cecilia
33. My! my!
34. Polka dots & moonbeams
35. Write a letter to your mother
36. Devil may care
37. Make believe island
38. When the swallows come back to capistrano
39. Where do you keep your heart?
40. Orchids for remembrance
41. I'm waiting for ships that never come in
42. Sweet lorraine
43. Dream valley
44. Along the santa fe trail
45. Say it isn't so
46. Together
47. Maria elena
48. Wasn't it you?
49. In the middle of a dance
50. Tropical magic
51. 'tis autumn
52. The white cliffs of dover
53. How about you?
54. Someday sweetheart

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