Dylan Bob - At Budokan

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CD 1:
1. Mr. tambourine man
2. Shelter from the storm
3. love minus zero -no limit
4. Ballad of a thin man
5. Don't think twice,it's all right
6. Maggie's farm
7. One more cup of coffee (valley below)
8. Like a rolling stone
9. I shall be released
10. Is your love in vain
11. Going,going,gone

CD 2:
1. Blowin in the wind
2. Just like a woman
3. Oh, sister
4. Simple twist of fate
5. All along the watchtower
6. I want you
7. All i really want to do
8. Knockin on heaven s door
9. It s alright, ma
10. Forever young
11. Times they are a-changin
12. Blowing in the wind
13. Just like a woman
14. Oh,sister
15. Simple twist of fate
16. All along the watchtower
17. I want you
18. All i really want to do
19. Knocking on heaven's door
20. It's alright,ma (i'm only bleeding)
21. Forever young
22. The times they are a-changing

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