V/A - Curiosities From The San Francisco Underground 1965 - 1971 Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Cargo Curiosities From The San Francisco Underground 1965 - 1971 Volumes 1, 2 & 3
  • katalogové číslo: SGRCD 2023
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: V/A
Its A Beautiful Day (Artist), Quicksilver Messenger Service (Artist), Glass Harp (Artist), Initial Shock Grateful Dead (Artist)
A limited edition 9cd box containing the first three volumes of Curiosities From The San Francisco Underground, a series dedicated to unearthing rare and obscure artefacts from the lysergically charged ballroom and recording studio scene of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area between 1965 and 1971. Volume One bursts at its 3CD seams with the Grateful Dead live at KQED studios in '70, It's a Beautiful Day from Pacific High Studios '71, Sal Valentino and friends' beautiful acoustic set from the Boarding House in '71, AB Skhy's acid drenched blues from the Avalon '69. Plus Congress of Wonders, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Joy of Cooking from Pacific High Studios '71. All sounds broadcast by KSAN FM and KQED FM. In Volume Two we find the Youngbloods live from the Avalon '69, an acoustic session from Pacific High Studios in '70 featuring Garcia, Weir, Cipollina & Champlin, a New Riders of the Purple Sage set from Boston '71, Country Joe & The Fish live from the Avalon in '67, The Final Solution form the Matrix '66 and a very early performance from Jefferson Airplane at the Calliope Warehouse in '65 featuring Skip Spence. All material from FM broadcasts. Volume Three sees stellar performances from Youngs Town, Ohio's Glass Harp live from Pacific High Studios, Sausalito, 26th September 1971, Initial Shock broadcast by KPFA FM from the Avalon Ballroom in 1968 and cutting-edge satire from the The Credibility Gap from '71. Also included the Grateful Dead's 60 minute broadcast by KSAN from Winterland 4th October 1970 and a mind blowing 1966 set by Bo Diddley featuring violin and extended modal jams!

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