Daghraven - #1

Consouling Sounds #1
  • katalogové číslo: SOUL 72
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Daghraven
Daghraven is the ambient/drone sibling of the Belgian band Illuminine, but sets out for its very own course. This is music composed after dark. It oozes a creepy eeriness out of every pore. Intricately constructed yet epically dispersed, Daghraven makes up for a brooding archeological listening trip through layers of our very own soil. Referring to our own medieval and (early) modern past, it scrapes behind the surface of the veil of time, revealing the awkward construct of reality's fabric. It's ambitious music in all its subtle droning shades. Let Daghraven's dark drone-filled dungeon lure you through the party of purgatory with its eerie hum, unearthly creatures and murky whispers of a day that'll never end.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Hoort De Engelen Wenen 6:51
2. De Admiraal Heeft Geschoten 7:32
3. De Tand Des Tijds 6:34
4. De Zon Schijnt Toch Ook Voor U? 6:12
5. Gedane Zaken Nemen Geen Keer 7:14
6. Ten Dans In Tranendal 3:08
7. Op De Laatste Rij, Daar Zwijgt Ge Niet 6:02
8. Ten Halve Gekeerd, Ten Hele Gedwaald 13:30

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