Parsons Alan Project - Turn Of A Friendly Card (Deluxe 35th Anniversary Edition)

Originally released in November 1980, The Turn Of A Friendly Card, the fifth album from The Alan Parsons Project, spawned several singles, which included ‘Games People Play’, ‘Time’ (featuring a sublime vocal performance from the Zombies’ Colin Blunstone), ‘Snake Eyes’ and album namesake, ‘The Turn Of A Friendly Card’. The 35th anniversary milestone for this classic and essential concept album, is being celebrated with a deluxe 2CD package featuring compelling and extensive unreleased and rare material.

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Seznam skladeb
1. May Be A Price To Pay
2. Games People Play
3. Time
4. I Don't Wanna Go Home
5. The Gold Bug - Instrumental
6. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One)
7. Snake Eyes
8. The Ace Of Swords
9. Nothing Left To Lose
10. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two)
11. May Be A Price To Pay (Intro Demo)
12. Nothing Left To Lose (Basic Backing Track)
13. Nothing Left To Lose (Chris Rainbow Vocal Overdub Compilation)
14. Nothing Left To Lose (Early Studio Version with Eric's Guide Vocal)
15. Time (Early Studio Attempt)
16. Games People Play (Rough Mix)
17. The Gold Bug (Demo)
1. May Be A Price to Pay (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
2. Games People Play (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
3. 3. Time (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
4. I Don't Wanna Go Home (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
5. The Turn of a Friendly Card (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
6. Snake Eyes (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
7. Nothing Left to Lose (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
8. TOFC/ Snake Eyes/ I Don't Wanna Go Home (Eric's Songwriting Diary)
9. May Be A Price to Pay (Early Version - Eric Guide Vocal & Unused Guitar Solo)
10. Games People Play (Early version - Eric Guide Vocal)
11. Time (Orchestra & Chris Rainbow Backing Vocals)
12. The Gold Bug (Early Reference Version)
13. The Turn of a Friendly Card Part 1 (Early Backing Track)
14. Snake Eyes (Early Version - Eric Guide Vocal)
15. The Ace of Swords (Early Version with Synth "Orchestration")
16. The Ace Of Swords (Early Version with Piano on Melody)
17. The Turn of a Friendly Card Part Two (Eric Guide Vocal and Extended Guitar Solo)
18. Games People Play (Single Edit)
19. The Turn of a Friendly Card (Single Edit)
20. Snake Eyes (Single Edit)

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