Tyler Bonnie - RCA Years (Box Set 4CD)

  • katalogové číslo: CRPOPB 201
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Tyler Bonnie

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Seznam skladeb
1. Got So Used To Loving You
2. Love Of A Rolling Stone
3. Lost In France
4. Piece Of My Heart
5. More Than A Lover
6. Give Me Your Love
7. The World Starts Tonight
8. Here's Monday
9. Love Tangle
10. Let The Show Begin
11. My! My! Honeycomb
12. I've Got So Used To Loving You, Baby
13. Baby I Remember You
1. It's A Heartache
2. Blame Me
3. Living For The City
4. If I Sing You A Love Song
5. Heaven
6. Yesterday Dreams
7. Hey Love (it's A Feelin')
8. (you Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman
9. Here Am I
10. Baby Goodnight
11. Don't Stop The Music
12. It's About Time
13. Don't Stop The Music (german 7" Version)
1. If You Ever Need Me Again
2. Too Good To Last
3. What A Way To Treat My Heart
4. The Eyes Of A Fool
5. Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love
6. Louisiana Rain
7. Baby I Just Love You
8. Words Can Change Your Life
9. My Guns Are Loaded
10. I'm A Fool
11. (the World Is Full Of) Married Men
12. My Guns Are Loaded (single Version)
13. (the World Is Full Of) Married Men (12" Version)
14. (the World Is Full Of) Married Men (disco Version Acapella)
15. Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean (live At The World Popular
16. I Believe In Your Sweet Love (single Version)
17. I Believe In Your Sweet Love (full Length Version)
1. I'm Just A Woman
2. We Danced On The Ceiling
3. Wild Love
4. The Closer You Get
5. Sometimes When We Touch
6. Goodbye To The Island
7. Wild Side Of Life
8. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
9. Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean
10. I Believe In Your Sweet Love
11. Come On, Give Me Lovin'
12. Get Out Of My Head
13. Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean (single Version)
14. Sola A La Orilla Del Mar
15. I'm Just A Woman (single Version)
16. Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean (alternate Version)
17. Sayonara Tokyo
18. Gonna Get Better (1981 Version)

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