Foundations - Gold

  • katalogové číslo: CRIMCD 642
  • původ: import (EU)
  • interpret: Foundations

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Seznam skladeb
1. Baby, Now That I've Found You
2. Build Me Up, Buttercup
3. Back On My Feet Again
4. I Can Take Or Leave Your Lovin'
5. It's All Right
6. Come On Back To Me
7. Any Old Time (you're Lonely And Sad)
8. We Are Happy People
9. New Direction
10. Jerkin' The Dog
11. Call Me
12. Show Me
13. Love Is A Five Letter Word
14. Mr Personality Man
15. Things Are Getting Better (live)
1. In The Bad, Bad Old Days (before You Loved Me)
2. Why Did You Cry
3. My Little Chickadee
4. Solomon Grundy
5. I Can Feel It
6. It's The Same Old Feeling
7. Waiting On The Shores Of Nowhere
8. Take Away The Emptiness Too
9. Let The Heartaches Begin
10. The Writing's On The Wall
11. Tomorrow
12. People Are Funny (live)
13. Am I Groovin' You (live)
14. Comin' Home Baby (live)
15. Harlem Shuffle (live)
16. Stop Her On Sight (s.O.S.) (live)
1. Born To Live, Born To Die
2. Baby, I Couldn't See
3. A Penny, Sir
4. Take A Girl Like You
5. I'm Gonnabe A Rich Man
6. In The Beginning
7. Give Me Love
8. Till Night Brought Day
9. Hold Me Just A Little While Longer
10. A Whole New Thing
11. A Walk Through The Trees
12. Things Get Better
13. Love Is Alright (the Horse) (live)
14. Where The Fire Burns
15. The Look Of Love (live)

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