Pet Shop Boys - Dancing Star

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Pet Shop Boys release their brand-new single ‘Dancing star’ on Parlophone. The song was inspired by the life of the ballet dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, who defected from the Soviet Union and became a global star.

‘Dancing star’ has also been remixed by Solomun and the single bundle also includes two bonus tracks, written and produced by PSB: “Sense of time” and “If Jesus had a sister”. A Superchumbo (Tom Stephan) remix of “Party in the Blitz” is also included and features the voice of London clubland legend, Princess Julia.

‘Dancing star’ is the second song to be previewed from Pet Shop Boys’ eagerly awaited new studio album ‘Nonetheless’ which will be released on April 26. The album features 10 new songs and was produced by James Ford who has recently produced albums by Blur, The Last Dinner Party and Beth Gibbons.

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Seznam skladeb
1. Dancing Star
2. Sense Of Time
3. If Jesus Had A Sister
4. Dancing Star (Solomun Extended Remix)
5. Party In The Blitz (Superchumbo Remix)
6. Dancing Star (Solomun Remix)

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