Rieu André - Amore (CD+DVD)

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  • interpret: Rieu André
Andre Rieu presents Amore, his brand new CD/DVD album. Full of music to fall in love to featuring unique versions of classic love songs including Richard Clayderman’s Ballade pour Adeline, Elvis Presley’s Love me Tender and Nana Mouskouri’s Only Love. The album also features a DVD with a full length concert performance over 2 hours long!

DVD: Live in Sydney
Celebrating 30 years of Andre and the Johann Strauss Orchestra! The bonus DVD, which has never before been released in the UK features fan favourites the Platin Tenors and Mirusia Louwerse performing Andre’s most loved music. The DVD also features a special appearance from none other than Dame Edna Everage!

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Seznam skladeb
1. What a Wonderful World
2. Only Love
3. Morning Mood
4. Natasha's Waltz
5. Ballade pour Adeline
6. Jerusalem Of Gold
7. Music of the Spheres
8. The Last Rose
9. Speak to Me of Love
10. The Impossible Dream
11. Tales From The Vienna Woods
12. Love Me Tender
13. Think of Me
14. Song of the Volga Boatmen
15. Torna a Surriento
16. My Own Home
17. My Beloved Limburg
18. Highland Cathedral
1. Seventy - six trombones
2. Overture: carmen
3. Intermezzo sinfonico
4. La danza
5. Torna a surriento
6. Gold and silver
7. Ben
8. The earth song
9. Espana cani
10. I could have danced all night
11. With a little bit of luck
12. I am australian
13. E lucevan le stelle
14. Da geh ich zu maxim (merry widow)
15. Volga song
16. Memory (from cats)
17. Waltzing matilda
18. On the beautiful blue danube
19. Ode to joy
20. Radetzky march
21. Strauss & co. (medley)
22. Libiamo (drinking song)
23. Adieu, mein kleiner gardeoffizier
24. Introducing Dame Edna Everage
25. Neighbours: theme (Dame Edna Everage)
26. Dame Edna Everage speaks...
27. Hungarian dance no.5
28. Dame Edna Everage speaks...
29. I still call Australia home (dame edna)
30. Advance Australia fair

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